“You’re from West Virginia? Do you live close to Richmond?”

Welcome to Appalachian Paleo!  This is a place that I am going to chronicle my paleo life in a small Appalachian town.  I live in a “suburb” of the second largest city in West Virginia (maybe third, we go back and forth).  My suburb has about 2,000 people.  My city has less than 50,000. I have two master’s degrees – in history and mathematics.  I’m a wife and mother to two boys. I’m a fan music, true crime, learning new things, and Ticonderoga pencils.

Navigating a paleo lifestyle, I believe, is a little different here than other places.  My local store looks like the day before Thanksgiving every day.  The shelves are often bare with no rhyme or reason.  I actually have no idea why this is the case.  I suspect mismanagement. We have Kroger, Walmart, etc., but no Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  We have a very small health market about 45 minutes away that has been a lifesaver for me at times. We have a local foods store as well.  It’s pricey, so I don’t get there all the time.

I’m also not a natural cook.  I find cooking boring and just something I have to do – not something enjoyable.  So, I try my best to make it more enjoyable and will hopefully share those with you other non-cooks out there.  It’s also a struggle because my boys (all three of them) are not paleo.

Welcome to my life!  I’ll share recipes I’m cooking, tips I love, paleo budgeting, how to navigate in a small town that does not offer many paleo options, and anything else I can think of.  I’d love to hear from you!

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